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Kunming Century Hotel (Empark Grand Hotel Kunming), The Century Golden Source Hotel in Kunming, the New Old and Old Meeting, it meets the Essence and Deep of 'Old Kunming' to interprete the final Significance of the most pure Old Town Life and Sunshine - History, Fashion, paresseux, silencieux, and Humanity.En regardant autour de Guandu, la ville voisine est comme un trésor d 'encre profondément absorbé, qui précipite la vie de Kunming dans le plus loin des sources, et qui contient la culture géographique la plus riche et la plus longue.Les affaires, les réunions, les repas, les loisirs, les vacances, c 'est un bon moyen de diffuser son charme.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.La baignoire de paysage particulièrement sombre et les sources géothermiques sont parfaitement intégrées, vous allez profiter pleinement de la tranquillité du voyage, les sources thermales thaïlandaises Spa de l 'eau, le vert et la santé vous permettent de jouir de la joie physique et mentale.Entre le commerce et les loisirs, l 'hôtel vous aidera à trouver le meilleur point d' Union, les deux principaux axes urbains, la ligne de métro rapide no 1, l 'aéroport international de Kunming Changshui, la ville de commerce international de Snow Bay, le marché floral de Kunming Dounan, le grand siecle de l' or soping Mall, qui constitue le nouveau cercle commercial du Sud - est de Kunming.L 'équipe de service professionnelle est le plus splendide paysage, 24 heures sur 24 un service de qualité vous permettra de bien comprendre le sentiment d' être à la maison.
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Commentaires Plus
  • rungames
    Loved this hotel, very good feel and respect?
  • JerryCWang
    Stay two nights in a row! what do you say
  • cloudcold
    Well, come to Kunming is stay at this hotel-is is a little bit expensive
  • rena0607
    Are hygienic, clean, early dining is very good, recommended.
  • idouyam
    Special atmosphere of the Hall on the first floor, room comfortable
  • lele000
    Which is very nice
  • inson_wu
    Colleagues to, well, to the airport is convenient, rooms are small but OK and breakfast places without air conditioning in the lobby, so I felt a bit cold, breakfast is not good. and internationally branded 5 star hotel also there is a difference. of course prices are fairly cheap, good value.
  • JG2011
    Nice hotel, is too many guests, miscellaneous. breakfast in General.
  • leslievsconan
    Rooms at the times feel good, recommended!
  • msyang825
    Very comfortable
  • bluess
    Hotel is very good Oh, next to a friend or yourself, are entering the hotel. the attention.
  • e01857476
    Very good.
  • lee4ever
    Convenient, the room was clean, high price, very good facilities.
  • cutecutebaby
    Breakfast price is slightly high facilities good questions at the reception desk of the hotel check-in and check out time
  • bblovestory
    Decorative old
  • lyf_1985
    New room facilities, the room was large. standard room the two wide-1.45 bed and together, a bedside table, bedside, to put down the child's crib. Bathroom lighting Dim, good buffet on the first floor, and relatively affordable. the surrounding environment good
  • joytop
    Not in line with the price
  • littlemouse
    Very nice hotel, location is a little far from the city center. but the main business activities, also have nothing to do with. buffet is pretty good, breakfast was great. hotel's service is better, no WIFI in the rooms, the hotel also offers a small wireless router free lease. would consider this place again!
  • andrewice
    That's it
  • e01805442
    Nice! very comfortable! next time!
  • danby
  • conniei
    Our company several times on business have chosen to stay, very good ... recommended.
  • e00103668
    Hotel is very nice and clean. Interior is very stylish, very much. South building, North building, building 2, North building is cheaper.
  • MauriceLi
    North building, South building, and obviously feeling much worse are North building North Tower was abandoned ... Stay three nights for the three rooms that I'm picky but hotel is not known as a five-star, but I did not feel in addition to several good service at the front desk of the sister makes me feel a little bit of five-star ambiance! wonder quilt at the hotel warm and nice cool evening air conditioning set at 20 degrees to maximum strength was still hot aKhan, a room air conditioner is not cooling window cooler
  • destinyone
    That's okay, very good, very happy
  • lily790306
    Elegant! convenient! good service attitude! in good health!
  • celialiuyn
    Around shopping, leisure, meals are convenient, next to the subway, the traffic is very convenient, rooms can also be, that is, less charging socket
  • e00027544
    Hotel quite often to the next stay will also introduce a friend
  • comtedeng
    The amount of
  • contract
    Each trip to Kunming, only living here.?
  • rxn1224
    Travel, reserve room for Dad, dad said not too far from downtown
  • llmmllmm
    Environment and service were pretty good. Price is not much, than the local price of your customer agreement.
  • fei8888
    Very good
  • racingpp
    Hotel is clean and comfortable, good choice.
  • e01200636
    Overall good.
  • ananyy
    Network is super nice, comfortable a good traffic if there is a network, at its peak, too heavy.
  • littletongtong
    Door jam
  • doldrums2010
    Liked this hotel next time I go to live here
  • anita0716
    Helping friend, good good. is breakfast quality needs to be improved, and service.
  • BT Strawberry
    Environment the five-star, five-star service, affordable. good, recommended occupancy.
  • jellmate
    Very good, very comfortable
  • Annieli333
    All right
  • infosys
    the same good besides the enviroment around
  • bebeto0722
    Hotel facilities were very good, reception is always very professional, 1. staff enthusiasm, ask answer sentence 2. co-workers speak, guests cool, half a day without business
  • jason0927
    Feel good, breakfast very good
  • m02805363
    So so
  • mattgear66
    A floor General
  • Sumilea
    OK, is far too many people, poor poor poor service at the front desk, no smiles no greetings, no!
  • jason1668
    Five-star hotels even have wireless WIFI. bad speechless!
  • appleluyf
    8/f, room the entire layout of this feeling is very well said. room was spacious, bathroom facilities were fine, and then catch an early flight, 6 points to breakfast everything has been arranged very well, except no WIFI in the room is good.